Did Sadie Robertson Throw Shade At Bethany Mota For Taking Her ‘DWTS’ Partner?

Sadie Robertson is currently paired with the most successful pro on Dancing with the Stars, but she’s ready for switch-up week to be over. Some of her Instagram followers even think that the partner change has turned her into a shade-throwing mean girl.

The Duck Dynasty star had to trade Mark Ballas for five-time winner Derek Hough this week, and at first Sadie Robertson seemed thrilled to be paired with Derek Hough. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she shared a photo of herself literally leaping with joy while hanging out with her new partner. However, maybe she was just really happy that she didn’t get partnered up with Val Chmerkovskiy — Sadie Robertson recently admitted that she finds the shirtless wonder extremely intimidating.

Now that the initial thrill of getting to work with Derek Hough has died down, Sadie Robertson is starting to miss her old Dancing with the Stars partner. Robertson recently posted an Instagram photo of a young Mark Ballas with a smile plastered across his face. It was accompanied by a message that some of her followers interpreted as Sadie throwing shade at Bethany Mota.

“Marks Face When He Gets To Be My Partner Again Next Week I hope you’re having fun this week, but I’m ready for team quack attack to reunite”

Mark Ballas

It’s easy to see why some of Sadie’s fans thought that she was saying something negative about Bethany Mota, Derek Hough’s usual partner. Mota is paired with Ballas this week, and Roberton’s message could be read as saying, “Mark Ballas is going to be so happy to get away from Bethany Mota and back to me.”

However, that’s probably not the way Sadie Robertson meant for her comment to come off at all. She and Bethany Mota have actually bonded while working on Dancing with the Stars, and they even have a YouTube series documenting their experience called The Badie Show.

Sadie might feel no ill will toward Bethany, but it can’t be easy seeing her competitor having so much fun with Mark Ballas. According to Just Jared, Bethany and Mark have been hula hooping, blowing bubbles, and skipping while holding hands during their rehearsal breaks. The new partners are laughing a lot, and they look like they’re having an amazing time together. Mark even referred to Bethany as “bae” in a recent Instagram post.

“Oh you know just blowin some bubbles with bae @bethanynoelm ha ha #dwts #teamBark”

Mark Ballas And Bethany Mota

However, Sadie Robertson and Derek Hough are also having a good time on team #DerekDynasty. Derek recently shared a video of himself and Robertson doing a dance move that probably won’t help them win the competition: the worm. Last week Sadie was dancing like a duck; this week she’s dancing like its food source.

Sadie Robertson is also excited about the dress that she’s wearing for her dance with Derek Hough. She’ll be rocking a sexy fringe-covered number that her Ducky Dynasty daddy might not approve of — a sketch of the silver dress shows that it has a deep-plunging neckline that shows off a lot of cleavage. However, it doesn’t sound like Sadie is very worried about what Willie Robertson will think of the flashy frock — she couldn’t stop gushing about the gown during a recent E! News interview.

“I love all the fringe! It’s going to be so much fun to dance in. The wardrobe team is amazing! They somehow outdo themselves every week!”

Which pair do you think will score higher on Dancing with the Stars for switch-up night tonight: Sadie Robertson and Derek Hough doing the Charleston, or Bethany Mota and Mark Ballas dancing hip-hop?

[Image credit: Mark Ballas/Instagram]