Kate Middleton Reportedly Moves Back Home With Her Folks Due To Unbearable Morning Sickness

Kate Middleton has had a really tough time with her second pregnancy so far, having suffered from an even worse case of morning sickness than when pregnant with Prince George.

The Duchess’ condition has reportedly been so bad that she has been forced to cancel a number of royal public engagements over the last few weeks, including her first solo trip to Malta in September.

The Inquisitr reported yesterday, quoting a source from a tabloid publication in the U.K., that Kate Middleton is “still so severely stricken with chronic nausea due to her pregnancy, that she could be vomiting up to 30 times each day, and her condition may be putting her unborn child at risk.”

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported on Saturday, quoting a Daily Mail report, that Kate’s morning sickness has become so unbearable that she has decided to move back home to her folks for comfort at their home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, along with Prince George.

The morning sickness, which has seemingly led to weight loss and is a potential threat to the new baby, hasn’t subsided at all, according to reports, and people are now worried that it could indeed affect the baby.

The Radar source told them that Kate Middleton’s mom, Carole, had apparently been doing her part to ease her daughter’s suffering, including researching alternative sickness cures on the internet.

Carole has also reportedly come through for Kate, and despite the fact she has a full-time nanny, has looked after Prince George herself so that Kate can get some much needed rest and relaxation.

According to a Daily Mail source, “Kate is feeling so lousy that she just wanted to be with her family and out of public view. She is extremely close to Carole, who is very much a hands-on grandmother. Between her and their nanny, Maria, Kate has all the help she needs with George while she is feeling so sick. And Bucklebury is somewhere she can just relax and be herself.”