Paper Airplane Machine Gun: It Is Exactly How It Sounds And Twice As Awesome [Video]

A paper airplane machine gun.

Do not adjust your screen — you read that first sentence correctly. This man was able to create what he has called a paper airplane machine gun.

As mentioned in the video description on his official YouTube page, all that he needed to do was start “tinkering” with 3D printers.

“A little tinkering from me that shows what you can do with 3D printers today. Most parts of this paper airplane machine gun had printed by (the rest of them are to buy via Internet or hardware store). By the way, I use a cordless screwdriver from China for driving.”

The fact that something like this even exists should make the inner child of the average adult jump with glee and excitement. As of Sunday, this video has been seen over 5.1 million times. Therefore, you can rest assured in knowing that you are not the only person who enjoys watching it over and over again.

What would you do with a paper airplane machine gun? If something like this was marketed right, how much money would the average consumer pay in order to own a fully-assembled paper airplane machine gun?