Lindsay Lohan Fires Manager Lou Taylor

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly fired her long time manager Lou Taylor. According to insiders Lohan handed Taylor a pink slip because he couldn’t “keep up” with her. According to sources Lohan said Taylor was letting things slip through the cracks while focusing on other clients (probably one’s with paying gigs).

Lohan is currently searching for a new agent who has more time to deal with her needs.

According to TMZ Lohan believes Taylor was letting her finances slip into nothing, which makes sense since she has done almost nothing to earn money in the last several years.

According to Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig the split was amicable even if Lou has decided to stay silent on the subject.

In the meantime Lindsay Lohan is free for any agent crazy enough to take on a client who spends more time lately on house arrest then she does on the big screen.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is unmanageable at this point in her life?