Kingsman: The Secret Service – This Trailer Shows It Will Revolutionize Espionage Movies

The second official trailer of Kingsman: The Secret Service shows that 20th Century Fox may have a major box-office hit on their hands. Not only does this movie seem very entertaining, but it also seems like it can potentially revolutionize espionage movies forever.

Even though there are quite a few espionage movie franchises that have already been developed over the years (James Bond, Mission: Impossible, etc.), Kingsman: The Secret Service seems to break away from the mold and create a brand new genre that many people would possibly consider a breathe of fresh air. While there are many similarities between a movie such like this and, say, Skyfall, there seems to also be an entirely new element that has not been for quite some time on the big-screen, if ever.

What do you think?

[Image Credit: Film Pulse]