Guy Fixes People’s Cars For Free, But There’s A Catch

How much does it cost to get a car fixed nowadays? Mechanics can squeeze an easy $100 for brake fluid replacement, or $300 for battery replacements. These costs can be a pain, especially during times when the budget is tight.

One guy understands how financially painful car repairs can get, and decided to do one amazing thing — repair other people’s cars for free. Meet Aaron, a redditor and Ford certified car mechanic. Aaron drives for more than an hour from Baltimore, Maryland, to people’s location so he can fix their vehicles for free, in a Mother Teresa-esque act of car kindness. However, there’s a catch. Aaron wants to be paid in another currency — the currency of kindness. The saint of car repairs, after making people’s cars up and running, asks his “clients” to pay for the good deed by doing something nice for a stranger, just like what Aaron does for them.

Using the handle u/justaluckyshot, Aaron recently graced Reddit’s AMA, answering people’s questions about his “Pay it Forward” deal.

Redditor tattoosinchivalry asked, “What has been your most fulfilling repair? Or most memorable one?”

Aaron provided the following answer.

“A moment that made me feel truly good? Ive got just the one. One of the more recent requests actually… This couple came down to Washington DC from Boston for a mini vacation. On the way, their brakes were completely shot. One of them recalled my post in one of the subs I frequent and PMed me. Mind you, this was at about 4am, luckily for her, I get up at 330am. She told me her problem, asked if I could help, and it really REALLY lifted my spirits through the day. I knew that I was literally reaching across the States. It was a thrill for sure. We met up in DC, I had them follow me back home, we got the parts, got their brakes apart and the parts were wrong! Boo! Luckily we called the store in time to get them to swap our parts. I finished up and sent them on their way. Just thinking about it at the time made me swell with pride. They were 11 hours from home with no money for a tow or anything of the sort, and I changed that. I love changing peoples lives.”

Redditor uzpurnis asked, “Have you been paid yet?”

“One redditor gave me a few bucks for gas. One redditor gave me everything in his wallet, and refused to take it back. I felt terrible because I could see it was everything he could spare. The point of my repairs is to save you money so that you can live your life! But I was humbled that he was so gracious with the giving. Though I still did ask him to pay it forward.”

Read the rest of his AMA here. If you would like to assist Aaron on his journey towards kindness, you can shoot him a private message here.

[Image from Atomic HOT Links/Flickr]