Beats By Dre Headphones Ban: Here Are Five Reasons Why NFL Players Don’t Care!

Beats by Dre headphones have been officially banned by the National Football League (NFL).

The ban on Beats by Dre headphones occurred because of the conflict of interest that is created since the NFL has an official sponsorship deal with BOSE, according to CBS Sports.

However, since the ban on Beats by Dre headphones was first enforced, it seems as if many of the most popular NFL players have completely ignored the rules and have broken them without any hesitation.

Colin Kaepernick. Tom Brady. Cam Newton.

Each of these quarterbacks are not only leaders of their respective teams, but also some of the most popular players in the league this season. Why is it that they obviously do not care about the ban on Beats by Dre headphones?

Here are five reasons why they might be taking a stand against this new rule.

1. It messes with their pre-game and post-game routine. Keep in mind that most athletes have very strict routines that are followed closely in order to prepare themselves mentally and physically as well as emotionally for a big game. Perhaps an athlete has grown accustomed to using Beats by Dre headphones before and after games as part of that routine. A small fine is not going to stop them from doing it.

2. The basic foundation of the sponsorship deal with Bose has absolutely nothing to do with them – it is for the coaches and their headphones. Bose basically got the permission, through the sponsorship deal, to place their logo on the headphones that the coaches wear on the sidelines. Therefore, each football game would basically be like an ongoing commercial for Bose products each time the cameraman looks at a coach.

3. It is too petty to be taken seriously by professional football players. Think about all of the other penalties and fines that actually apply to their on-field performance that have been fought against and ignored. For example, there are penalties for excessive touchdown celebrations – but that has not completely stopped all players from celebrating excessively. Why would the NFL believe that these players would pay attention to a ban on their headphones if they are not even paying attention to the ban on their touchdown celebrations?

4. The $10,000 fine is basically chump change to the highest paid players in the league. Tom Brady is guaranteed to make up to $57 million through his current deal with the New England Patriots. What makes the NFL think that a measly $10,000 fine is going to cause him to put his comfortable headphones away?

5. Getting fined for wearing Beats by Dre headphones provides the player with free publicity and even possible endorsement deals in the future. Who doesn’t like free publicity?

Why do you think NFL players do not seem to care about the ban on Beats by Dre headphones?

[Image Credit: CBS Sports]