Gillian Anderson Hints At Third ‘X-Files’ Movie: ‘Keep Your Ears To The Ground’

Gillian Anderson is ready to get spooky again. The X-Files alum, who just finished a book with Jeff Rovin entitled A Vision of Fire, graced Reddit yesterday to talk about her novel debut, her work in the FBI’s weird and freaky department as agent Dana Scully, and her recent role as psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurier on the hit drama Hannibal.

Waves of fans rushed in to post their questions, giving Anderson’s AMA thread more than 3,000 upvotes and a special spot on the front page of Reddit. Here were some of the questions asked.

Redditor seismicor asked, “Hi, Gillian. In the recent past there have been talks of a third X-files movie. Has there been any progress recently?”

Anderson didn’t shy away from an answer, exciting fans who have been waiting for a third X-film.

“Uh….uh… uh… Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground.”

Redditor EpoxElypse asked “Hello Gillian, I’ve just got to say that I truly believe you are one of the best actresses of all time, but my question is if you could change 1 thing about the character Dana Scully what would it be?”

Gillian answered, “Her clothes and her hair in the first 2 seasons.”

We really don’t know what Anderson is talking about. She looked gorgeous in Season 1.


Redditor tarraw1013 wrote, “Good morning, Gillian! I’m listening to ‘A Vision of Fire’ on audio, and you did a great job of bringing the book to life. How the heck did you keep so many characters’ voices and accents consistent over multiple recording sessions? What was the process like?”

Gillian Anderson answered, “I did? I haven’t listened to it, but I hope so! That was my intention, but I have no idea if it worked! Ha! I was in a booth by myself online and with a producer in New York, and literally YouTube-ing accents, and hoping for the best. Again, I really hope I didn’t offend anybody.”

Redditor sakuramomo cooked up an X-Files/Hannibal question, which Anderson totally loved.

“Hi, do you think Scully & Mulder together could identify and catch Hannibal much quicker than Will Graham??!! :D

I grow up watching “X-files”, and I adore Agent Scully, who is smart, strong, and beautiful!!! Would love to see another X-files movie soon. Thanks for doing Q&A. And of course, on my way to get a copy of “A Vision of Fire.”

Gillian answered, “Good point! Will Graham has no excuse. He has better computers than Mulder and Scully ever did. AND the help of Jack Crawford! AND he has that crazy visualization-thing in his favor! What the hell, Will?!”

Gillian Anderson’s AMA can be read here.

[Image from Imgur and Fox]