Amazing US Coast Guard Rescue Caught On Tape In Oregon, 5 Hikers Rescued Via Helicopter [Video]

The dramatic helicopter rescue of five hikers, stranded on rocks in Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area in Oregon on Saturday, was caught on tape by a passerby. Maya Alexander is the passerby who posted the amazing video footage to YouTube, according to Oregon Live.

The videos show a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter hoisting the stranded hikers off rocks at Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area. It appears that the Coast Guard truly did save five lives that day. A local official told Oregon Live that 30 minutes after the rescue, the incoming tide would have swept all five people away.

Just prior to the helicopter rescue, three others who had also been stranded on the rocks made the risky decision to jump into the churning surf to swim to shore. All three survived, however, one received CPR from a tourist before emergency crews arrived according to witnesses.

In the video, you see the full-scale rescue as it takes place. The Coast Guard can be seen lifting the stranded hikers from the rock, toting them across the water, and dropping them onto the beach. The rescuer is then hoisted back into the air to return for more of the hikers.

A second video uploaded to YouTube contains even more of the dramatic footage, as the hikers are lifted from the rock. The footage in the second video shows the Coast Guard returning to the rock to remove the remaining people.

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