Lana Del Ray’s Sister Is Even More Stunning And Talented Than She Is

Clearly, talent runs in Lana Del Ray’s family.

Thanks to an interview with Nylon magazine, the world has now been formally introduced to Lana’s sister, Chuck Grant (real name Caroline), who is an in-demand photographer. Nylon asked Del Ray to turn the table’s a bit by interviewing and photographing her sister for the magazine.

Before she did, however, Lana Del Ray explained to Nylon how her sister’s work has inspired her as an artist.

“Chuck has been photographing me for 10 years, and the shots she’s taken have revealed a lot to me about who she is. She captures what I consider to be the visual equivalent of what I do sonically. Even years ago, when she was just beginning, she seemed to have a reason and a vision for each frame. Now, after I’ve met so many famous photographers, her aesthetic and talent still stands out as being one of the most interesting and well developed.”

Grant has quietly built up quite the career for herself without taking advantage of her sister’s brand to do accomplish it. She’s photographed for a variety of magazines, including New York Magazine. She also said that one day would she love to dip into the fashion world.

When asked by Lana who she would love to shoot, Chuck responded, “Someone like Lupita Nyong’o for Cistanthe.”

Lest she forget her day job, singer Lana Del Ray herself has been busy touring. She recently hit up Austin, Texas, for the annual Austin City Limits festival. According to the Daily Mail, Lana rocked a lime green striped dress for the sold out show. She also re-appeared this past Saturday night for the second weekend of the concert event.

Meanwhile, according to Inquisitr, festivals weren’t the only appearances for the 29-year-old Grammy nominee. Lana has scheduled two creepy performances set at the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery in honor of Halloween. Tickets for the concerts sold out within 10 minutes, leaving some fans empty handed for this spooky concert event.

Of course, thanks to Nylon, we now know where fans might score some really killer photos of Lana Del Ray in concert, in case they can’t be there themselves.

[ Lana Del Ray photo courtesy of Billboard Magazine ]