Bill Hader On Stefon: ‘Hard Jokes’ Don’t Work For The Character – Here’s Why!

By returning to Saturday Night Live to host for the first time, Bill Hader also had a chance to bring his beloved character Stefon to the SNL stage once again.

Many fans and critics agree that Stefon’s appearance during the broadcast was one of the biggest highlights of the show, along with the emotional tribute to Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman.

Now that Stefon is back in the spotlight, many people have been wondering exactly how he was created in the first place. As a Weekend Update character, Stefon is definitely one-of-a-kind, and no one should ever think about filling Bill Hader’s shoes when it comes to portraying this character.

In an interview with Bill Simmons of Grantland, Bill Hader was able to open up about the creative process involved with writing lines for Stefon and crafting them perfectly in order to become huge hits with the audience.

According to Bill Hader, “hard jokes” never really work well for the Stefon character at all.

“It’s interesting, with Stefon, we found that a lot… what doesn’t work are hard jokes, like hard 1, 2, 3 jokes. The stuff that works is like ferkle… jupids, stuff like that – the weird stuff.”

Hader then confirmed that many of the funniest lines Stefon delivers on-camera are being read for the first time by Bill Hader on camera. That would explain exactly why Bill Hader seems to crack up hysterically each time that he is playing the Stefon character.

Towards the beginning of the interview, Bill Hader had a chance to open up about how surprised he was that so many people liked Stefon – especially when you take into consideration the type of people who like him.

“People really like that character. It’s so funny – just the different walks of life. A lot of kids and a lot of guys are like, ‘My son really likes Stefon.’ You sit there and go, ‘Oh, what do people like?’ And you’re shocked.”

Based on the reaction and responses that have been posted on Twitter since the return of Stefon on Saturday night, it is clear that many people are still in love with the character.