Donnie Wahlberg Drama: DDub’s Family Doesn’t Like Jenny McCarthy?

Are Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy already having marital issues already? According to Star Magazine, the Wahlbergs aren’t as in love with McCarthy as Donnie is. Apparently two of Donnie’s brothers (Mark and Robert) and his mom, Alma, all missed Donnie’s wedding ceremony… on purpose. The family has reportedly voiced their concerns to Donnie, most of them not really trusting Jenny or happy with how she’s so quick to run her mouth about things that some feel should be kept private.

“A lot of the Wahlbergs are suspicious of Jenny. She’s made a career out of being brassy and talkative and over-sharing details about her personal life. It rubs them the wrong way and they don’t see her as one of them,” shared a source.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy seem to be really in love. Their romance took off, but some people just aren’t convinced that Jenny is the best thing for Donnie. While he may have some fans that don’t agree with his relationship choices, Donnie knows himself better than anyone else — except for (maybe) his mom. However, Jenny feels that she’s going to be able to prove herself, and that Donnie’s family is going to end up coming around.

“She’s convinced that as time goes on, Donnie’s family will see how happy he is and realize how good she is for him,” the source added.

Despite the Wahlberg wedding absentees, Donnie recently told The Boston Globe that it didn’t really matter that all of his siblings weren’t at his wedding… and that he actually didn’t make it to Mark’s wedding (to Rhea Durham in 2009) either.

“There were actually four Wahlbergs who couldn’t make it, but Mark was the only one who got mentioned. Mark and I are great. We’re having a ball with ‘Wahlburgers,’ and not just the show: We have 60 locations [of the restaurant] under agreement. We’re awesome, never been closer. And small footnote: I didn’t make it to Mark’s wedding,” Donnie said.

Donnie Wahlberg has a lot going on in his life right now. For starters, he has Wahlburgers— both the restaurants and the reality television show — that he does with many of his family members. He also stars on Blue Bloods while doing a host of work with his production company (like producing Boston’s Finest), Donnie D Productions. And no one can forget about Donnie’s music career! According to the Inquisitr, the New Kids On The Block are getting a reality show of their own as well. Certainly Donnie understands that his family is just as busy as he is… and he doesn’t seem to harbor any hard feelings about them missing his big day.

As far as his family’s feelings about Jenny… well, who really knows? Donnie is very close to his brothers and his mom, which suggests that he wouldn’t have gone ahead and married someone that they didn’t approve of… but he’s also his own person and if he’s in love, perhaps he really does know that his family will come around.

[Photo courtesy of Charles Sykes/Bravo]