Qatar – One Of The Smallest Nations In The Middle East – Pledges $1 Billion To Gaza

As of now, Gaza – the city located in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip – is doing all they can to reestablish themselves from the battles they had with Israel. The Inquisitr reported on Gaza’s progress which includes both rebuilding structures and restocking supplies. However, said progress is reported to be rebuilding infiltration tunnels and making new bombs. Prior to that, they’ve been condemned for using humanitarian aid as sale items on the black market.

Now there are reports that Qatar – one of the smallest nations in the Middle East – has pledged to help Gaza. The amount they are giving is $1 billion.

According to an article by The Blaze, the Qatari Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, made the announcement of their financial pledge to Gaza on Sunday during a pledge conference in Cairo, Egypt. It was also at this conference that other nations put in their own pledges when it comes to the rebuilding of Gaza. This includes the United Arab Emirates (UAB) who have pledged to give $200 million. At the beginning of the conference, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced immediate U.S. assistance of $212 million.

Kerry even made a statement on why the United States is quick to act in their pledge too.

“[People in Gaza] need our help desperately – not tomorrow, not next week, but they need it now.”

John Kerry also mentioned estimates which included the rebuilding of 20,000 homes from which 100,000 people remain displaced with winter approaching fast. So far, Gaza has more than a quarter of the funds needed just from reported pledges.

The total that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (pictured below) said they need is $4 billion, yet he can not promise the donors the funds will not be used by Hamas to attack Israel again, and Hamas has made it clear their goal is still the total destruction of the Jewish state.

Abbas ICC

In another report by Jerusalem Post, the reason why Qatar would pledge so much money to the city of Gaza is reported that they are powerful backers of radical Islamic organizations which include the Hamas. Qatar is also considered a sanctuary for terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood after it was ousted from Egypt. The paradox about this situation is that Qatar is considered by the government and the Obama Administration as strong allies against Islamic extremism. The United States even has one of their major American air bases in Qatar, and the country is the headquarters for the United States Air Force Central Command.

Now that you’ve read the article on Qatar’s pledge of $1 billion to Gaza along with the pledges of other countries, what are your opinions? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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