This BASE Jumper Crashes A Rooftop Pool Party And Films It, So You Don’t Have To

BASE jumper John Van Horne knows how to crash a pool party.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask the partygoers getting down atop this 34-story building in Malaysia. Van Horne was looking down on the swimmers from atop the KL Tower, a 1,099-foot tall building.

At the start of the video you’re about to see, he looks straight down and makes my inner Fraidy Cat want to lose my lunch. Seriously, if you have a problem with heights, this might be difficult to watch, as it all unfolds from the BASE jumper pool party crasher’s point of view.

The video of the stunt was posted on October 4, and so far has just reached close to 90,000 views on YouTube. That needs to be about 8 million views higher, so I’m doing my part in sharing it with you.

Instead of continuing to gab about it, though, I’ll just let you see it for yourself. Tell me, is this not the coolest entrance ever?

The chances of getting me to BASE jump from 50 feet are nil, so hats off to Van Horne for going through with this. Particularly encouraging was how at the end of the video, the partygoers welcome him with open arms.

Invited or not, someone risks life and limb to do this, he’s automatically one of the gang as far as I’m concerned.

The commenters on Reddit were pretty much in agreement as well.

“This is something that makes me think my life is boring,” said one.

“Every single aspect of this video is perfectly designed to highlight how s*** my life is from the songs coursing ‘I was born here, and I’ll die here’ about belonging in a place and the other one about walking away to the exotic locales and the friendship and the fact that everyone is good looking and thin and happy and unstressed…. Genuinely the most begrudged upvote I’ve ever given,” said another.

Still others said they were “totally fine” not being a BASE jumper pool party crasher.

Personally, I’m inclined to agree. Besides why risk life and limb doing it when people like Van Horne can do it, film it, and let us experience it with them?

But what do you think, readers? Does this sort of thing make you wish that your life were more exciting, or are you doing okay with your feet on the ground? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.