Teresa Giudice And Hubby Joe Ordered To Keep Finances Separate: No More Joint Bank Accounts!

Teresa and Joe Giudice have had an eventful year. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have been the center of controversy for quite some time, making headlines almost everyday over the past month. Most would have assumed their legal battle would have been over when they were both sentenced on October 2.

However, their problems are far from over. In addition to prison time, there is another adjustment they’ve reportedly been ordered to make. According to Radar Online, the reality TV couple is also being forced to separate their finances. That means no more joint bank accounts, which leaves little room for any questionable accounting.

Court documents filed in New Jersey detailed the judge-ordered stipulation. The couple will have to maintain separate personal and business accounts from the time Teresa is scheduled to begin serving her prison sentence on Jan. 5, 2015 until the expiration of their probationary period after being released.

The order follows Teresa and Joe’s failure to properly complete a court-ordered financial report with all of the assets and streams of income. Although the judge specified what information the couple needed to provide, the 42-year-old reality star still insists she had no idea what information was required for the report. During her exclusive Bravo special, Watch What Happens Live: One-On-One with Teresa and Joe Giudice, she opened up about the ordeal in an in-depth discussion with Andy Cohen.

“I wasn’t aware that we needed to put all that information down,” Teresa said. “I wish our accountant had come to our house and then filled out the paperwork… I would have never not put it down. I told my attorney, ‘You need to list my engagement ring, my wedding band, [and] Joe has a Rolex and a wedding ring.’ I wear a lot of costume jewelry because diamond earrings, they could fall down the drain,” Teresa said, noting that one of her lawyers even stood up in court and told the judge, one of my attorneys “She did tell me that.”

Do you believe Teresa was totally unaware of what she was suppose to include in her court-ordered financial report?