Little Girl Is Called On Stage To Battle Darth Vader At Disneyland, No One Expected Her Response [Video]

Sariah Gallego was visiting Disneyland with her family, and was chosen to come on stage to join the Jedi Academy. What happens next left the audience, and cast members, shocked.

The little girl can be seen being led onto the stage with her Jedi master. Once the girl makes it to the middle of the stage, Darth Vader says, “If you will not turn to the Dark Side, perhaps she will.” The Jedi master then prematurely answers for the girl, saying he “doesn’t think she will.”

Sorry Jedi master, think again.

The Jedi master tries to get the little girl to “activate!” and fight the dark lord, but instead, she decides to join him. Sariah’s hilarious response left her Jedi master confused, as he said, “You will?” Once he realized she was serious, he said, “Well, okay,” and tells the girl to “activate” again. Sariah then drops down and kneels before Darth Vader to join him on the “Dark Side.”

The crowd erupts in laughter, and the Jedi master makes sure to recap what just happened.

“So you don’t want to fight Darth Vader? You want to join Darth Vader?”

Sariah says yes, so the Jedi master quickly whisks her away, explaining she needs to go to Sith Academy instead.

The adorable video was uploaded in December of 2011, but has seen quite the resurgence in the last month. The video of the little girl going to the “Dark Side” has been viewed over five million times.

This isn’t the only little girl to get to take a dream vacation to Disneyland. Ruby Myles was able to go to Disneyland with her dying father, thanks to the generosity of members of her community.