‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: The Penguin From ‘Gotham’ Is Going To Get Clubbed

The Walking Dead is bringing back a familiar face for the season 5 premiere tonight on AMC.

You might remember Sam and Ana, the cute couple who Carol and Rick met during the season 4 episode “Indifference.” Rick and Carol tested Sam and Ana to see if they were deserving of joining the prison group by sending the couple out for supplies, but they never returned. This is the same episode that Rick ousted Carol from the group.

Sam And Ana On The Walking Dead

Poor Ana was crippled, and her hobble meant that she didn’t last long on The Walking Dead — Carol and Rick found her dismembered leg and saw the rest of her body being eaten by walkers after she went to go gather fruit. Carol and Rick didn’t bother finding out what happened to Sam.

According to Wetpaint, he’s going to pop up again, but the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead is probably going to be his last appearance on the show. As The Inquisitr previously reported, AMC recently released the first four minutes of season 5. At the very end of the footage, poor Sam gets whacked in the head with a baseball bat. He’s supposed to end up in the cannibalistic Termites’ tummies, but Rick and his crew might put an end to the butchering before Sam’s body gets turned into barbecue.

Sam is played by actor Robin Lord Taylor, and the star has come a long way since The Walking Dead fans first met his doomed character. Taylor is now playing the Penguin on the FOX series Gotham, and Oswald Cobblepot is nothing like sweet Sam — he’s just as sadistic as the worst Walking Dead villains. However, like Sam, he also probably wouldn’t survive long during the zombie apocalypse — his penguin waddle makes him move just as slow as the walkers.

If you’re thinking that Robin Lord Taylor looks way different on Gotham than he does on The Walking Dead, this is because dying his hair brown isn’t the only major change he had to undergo to transform into Oswald Cobblepot. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robin talked about his transformation.

“I have a prosthetic nose, and when I heard they were going that direction I got nervous because I want it to be as real as possible. But you’re finding that balance. They came up with the prosthetic. It’s very small and subtle, and more of a suggestion rather than—I’m not going to make an “on the nose” pun. So then I was totally at ease.”

During the interview, Taylor compared his experience working on Gotham to his experience working on The Walking Dead. Because he plays a main character on the FOX show, he says that it’s “the best thing ever” that he doesn’t have to worry about getting killed off.

“It’s not like The Walking Dead where I showed up to work and they’re all, ‘We hate to tell you but…'”

Are you surprised that the Penguin might get spit-roasted tonight on The Walking Dead?

[Image credits: FOX, AMC]