New York State Investigates Missing Prescription Pads

New York state health officials estimated in July that more than 1.4 million blank prescription forms could have been stolen. This estimated is according to an internal memorandum obtained by Newsday.

The State Health Department, however, said that about 100 prescription forms have only been confirmed as stolen. Given the disparity in figures, officials believe that a few thousand blank forms have only been stolen.

State officials are now planning to review policies regarding physically safeguarding the forms.

The memorandum said:


“It appears that the facilities are not adequately safeguarding the prescription forms and this is contributing to their theft.”

The memorandum estimated that the stolen prescription forms have a street value of $100 to $300 each. Stolen forms are usually used to obtain prescription painkiller oxycodone.

Oxycodone has become popular that the number of prescriptions filled in New York City alone doubled between 2007 and 2010 to more than one million.