These People Saw A Statute And Needed To Have Some Fun, The Results Are Hilarious

Statues and sculptures have a lot to say about the place where they are erected. These timeless pieces of 3D art have been painstakingly carved, sculpted or cast into shape by few of the most talented artists, the world has. However, statutes do pose an interesting proposition to pranksters. As these inanimate objects of art can’t oppose, people have routinely messed around with them.

However, it takes a lot of skill to strike an interesting and hilarious pose without hurting the dignity of the statute. These people must have invested a lot of time to think of a funny way to mess around with statues.

Kinda Gives A New Meaning To The Phrase 'Fool Around'

Image Credit | Hey Amigo

You Better Not Swallow

Image Credit | Phunu

It's Just A Selfie. Why's The Other Statute So Worried?

Image Credit | Artnaz

Never Drink Alone That's A Freshman's Motto

Image Credit | Guyism

Is The Statute Enjoying This?

Image Credit | Fun Draft

A Hi-Five Has To Be Answered. Else It's Considered To Be Bad Luck

Image Credit | Dump A Day

This Happens A Lot These Days. Please Mind Your Luggage

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Maybe This Next One Might Be Sweet

Image Credit | Hilarious

Those Underarms Are The Most Difficult. Thank God For Lady Shavers

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Hey There Gorgeous. I Noticed You Were Noticing Me

Image Credit | Huffington Post

Just Having Some Fun With My *Ahem* Family

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OMG What Is Going On Here?

Image Credit | Pressa

Papa Papa Take Me In your Arms, Just Like You Used To

Image Credit | Yappe

Ouch! That Mist Hurt A Lot

Image Credit | FB-Troublemakers

Star Trek And Jurassic Park. This Guy's Living His Dream

Image Credit | Relax

The Extremely Hard To Master 'Flying Double Kick' Is Performed With Precision

Image Credit | Izi Funny

While it is certainly not a good practice messing with statutes, they are right there mocking us and allowing our fertile mind to go crazy with ideas. Moreover, its no fun merely standing besides a statute or sitting next to McDonald’s Ronald. You have got to strike such a pose that years down the line, people will still remember you and laugh hysterically.

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