‘Shake It Off’ Gets A Motown Cover That Will Impress You – Hear It Here!

The popular Taylor Swift song, “Shake It Off,” receives a vintage Motown cover/remix that will impress even the most fastidious critics in the world.

Keep in mind that the song has already been covered many times by hundreds of people on YouTube. You might have even been impressed by listening to “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor put her own unique spin on “Shake It Off” while playing a ukulele.

However, this vintage Motown cover was released earlier this week by Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox through his popular YouTube video channel, ScottBradleeLovesYa.

It features singer Von Smith as the lead vocalist along with several backup singers and musicians to accompany him.

It is clear from the video that each of the individuals involved is extremely talented – from the singers, to the trumpet players, all the way to pianist Scott Bradlee. However, according to TIME magazine, that is not where the real genius behind the concept of this video lies. It is actually in the writing of the original song!

In order to create quality covers of a song (especially when crossing genres and music types to do so), the lyrical content of the original song has to be of a high quality as well.

Taylor Swift does not only perform the song, but she also helped to write it along with Max Martin and Shellback for her highly-anticipated new album, 1989, which is scheduled to be released October 27, 2014.

Many people on Twitter have complained about “Shake It Off” since it was first released, perhaps because of the high number of times it is played on the radio.

Last night I discovered how many times is too many times to request Shake It Off.

— Andy Bernard (@AndyBernardPGP) October 11, 2014

However, there are still many others that feel as if “Shake It Off” is a great song with a catchy hook and inspirational lyrics.

*listens to shake it off on repeat for six hours*

— {eerie emma} (@somewhatemma) October 11, 2014

Perhaps this actual vintage Motown cover of “Shake It Off” will generate the same type of buzz.

What do you think? Do you like the vintage Motown cover of “Shake It Off” or the original version of the song better?

[Image Credit: Idolator]