TNA News: Japanese Typhoon Dixie Carter Joked About Hits Coast, Killing 3 And Injuring 25 So Far

TNA President Dixie Carter is not well received by Pro-Wrestling fans. It could be her lack of business direction, or the fact that she runs a Pro-Wrestling company with as much knowledge as your mom who glanced by the TV when you were watching WWE RAW as a kid with your friend Jack. It is not as though people hate her; TNA fans want to like her. She plays a heel (bad girl) on TV, so naturally we’re not supposed to like her character. Outside the ring, however, that hate is there. This could be why TNA did the heel turn in the first place. How easy is it to hate someone on TV you do not care for in real life? Also, how easy is it to hate someone who makes jokes at the wrong time?

It seems like Dixie has once again shown that she’s out of touch with reality.

TNA’s biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory, takes place in Japan tonight, or Monday morning if your Japanese. The problem with this is that a typhoon named Vongfong has been scheduled to hit Japan the last few days, and did just a number of hours ago, injuring over 25 and killing a few others so far. Many feel it will not prevent TNA from doing their show tonight as the typhoon hit below them in Okinawa, which, according to Google Maps, is about a two-hour flight from Tokyo where Bound For Glory takes place.

Dixie expressed concern for the Japanese people on Saturday as well as if TNA could run the show.

“Difficult decision to run #BoundForGlory from Japan during the “biggest storm on the planet in a year”.

Dixie then decided to take a shot at the storm with a tweet that put James Storm in the middle of a weather radar, which she later deleted. However, nothing dies on the internet, and we were able to find that very tweet.

Dixie Carter storm tweet

The tweet was deleted because many people found it to be very disrespectful, which obviously got back to Carter. While Americans may find this to mean nothing, the Japanese people go through these storms often, and they see any joke about it as bad luck and a slap in the face to them.

People have already died in this storm, so a joke about it is wrong. While it was yesterday when she made the reference, the issue with storms like this is that they are very deadly and dangerous for Japan. Dixie obviously does not have a Twitter filter, and often says some weird stuff that makes you wonder about her sanity.

The storm has been said to be so devastating that you could see it from orbit, as you can see below. It was considered a global scale storm due to this. It has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but this is still a major issue. Tropical storms are no joke, but for the Japanese, this is relief compared to what they could be going through still.


While we expect this from a wrestler or someone similar, the person who runs the company shouldn’t cause this much controversy. Other islands in Japan are not expected to be devastated by the storm, but will be potentially getting a tropical storm that could cause issues. TNA is already suffering from talent loses, and the lack of a guaranteed TV deal that can provide good money for them, so having yet another public relations nightmare is not a good thing.

Bound For Glory will be featuring a lot of Wrestle-1 talent, as the show will be a cross-promotion between TNA and W1. You have to wonder how the Japanese officials are taking to TNA and their president over her joke. She basically not only joked about a typhoon, but has been using every tweet before and after to promote Bound for Glory. While we get promotion, Dixie, there is a sort of ethical rule book that must be in place.

Do you think the TNA president should simply stay away from Twitter, or are her tweets harmless?

[IMG Credits:, Twitter, Alexander Gerst]