June 29, 2017
Amber Rose, Nick Cannon Spotted In London Club Together, Was He The Reason For Wiz Khalifa Split?

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose have been spotted together in a London nightclub, adding to the rumors that he was to blame for her split from Wiz Khalifa.

Cannon and Rose were seen in the DSTRKT nightclub on Friday evening, and it's now been suggested that they are officially a couple. Rose entered the establishment first, before her rumored beau, but he then quickly followed just a few minutes later.

Of course, people could just dismiss this as a coincidence. However, it is beginning to look more and more likely that there is something going on between the pair. The duo have been spending an awful lot of time together recently, and now people are starting to suggest that they were both the reason why the other left their spouse over the last few weeks.

Khalifa and Rose called time on their marriage at the end of September. At first, no one appeared to know why they had split, but then rumors started to circle that she had cheated on him. She later denied these accusations, and insisted that it was the other way round. There had even been a few reports that she had walked in on him partaking in a threesome with twin sisters.

Cannon and Mariah Carey split up in August, and it was announced just a couple of weeks before Rose and Khalifa's separation was revealed. This is what led to the suggestions that Cannon and Rose had been hooking up in the past, and according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, "multiple sources revealed that Nick was a driving force in Wiz and Amber's marriage crashing and burning."

Gack Hollywood have also reported that she was "hooking up with Nick during her deal negotiations when she was to be managed by the 'America's Got Talent' host." Rose signed up to Cannon's management agency earlier this year, which was several months before she filed for divorce from Wiz.

Whether that's actually true or not remains to be seen. But the fact that they have been spotted in each other's company on multiple occasions since then only adds more fuel to the fire.

Rose recently took to Twitter to not only insist that she hadn't been unfaithful to Wiz, but to deny that she'd had an affair specifically with Nick Cannon. She also declared that she is just good friends with Cannon, and that there wasn't anything going on between them.

[Image via EOnline]