Google Chromebooks Now Available Without Subscription Plans

Google on Sunday announced that education and corporate customers can now purchase Google Chromebooks outside of a pay-per-month 3-year subscription model.

Under the company's new offerings education customers can pick up WiFi models of the Chromebook for $449 and 3G models for $519 while corporate customers can grab the same WiFi machine for $559 with the 3G model available at $639.

For educational and business customers who want to receive continued support on their Chromebooks, Google is offering support contracts for $5 per month one year after the notebook has been purchased (Years 2-3). Business customers can also pick up additional support for $13 per month (years 2-3).

Google also announced on their official blog that several new tools have been added for education and business customers:

"We have also added a few new features to the web-based management panel to help customers better deploy, monitor and customize their Chromebooks, including group policy management, shipment tracking and asset management."
Do you think the new Google Chromebook pricing is a good deal or should customers be holding out for better pricing?