WWE Diva AJ Lee Shows Off Her ‘Super Sexy Geeky Side’ In Latest Photoshoot [Gallery]

Since its “official inauguration” back in 2008, the WWE Divas Division has been the brand’s way of combining a showcase of both model-like glamour and athletic wrestling ability within their roster’s female wrestlers. Its beginning is probably best identified when Michelle McCool became the first WWE Divas Champion. Since then, there have been many female wrestlers who have graced the division, such as Eve Torres and Mickie James.

Now the current WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee, is causing waves in the division. The Inquisitr reported on the “crazy” superstar who “hooked up with half the roster” on a number of occasions. This includes Lee making her voice heard on the fake nude photos said to be of her from the latest “The Fappening” breach, and that her career might be in trouble due to the fact fans constantly chant her husband’s wrestling name during her matches.

However, there is one detail about AJ Lee that separates herself from the other divas – or quite possibly any female wrestler in WWE’s history – is that she is a real geeky girl. With an integral and compassionate love for video games and anime, she is identified by a certain group of people who watch wrestling who specifically don’t get much attention (unless you’re talking about the WWE video games). WWE recognized this and recently released a photo shoot of AJ Lee showing off her “super sexy geeky side” on their official website. And guess what? We have some of the photos for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below.

According to the WWE page showcasing the photoshoot, AJ Lee was considered the resident Geek Goddess way before her current show personality was utilized. This is verified in the gallery’s description quoted below.

“Before she was the Divas division’s Black Widow, AJ Lee was its resident Geek Goddess. With the help of some very special threads, the Divas Champion resurrects her inner nerd in a brand-new WWE.com gallery. Photography by John Giamundo.”

Looks like WWE wanted to make sure that AJ Lee’s midriff was showcased too. Anyways, the above gallery is just six of the photos available in the gallery containing 36 super-sexy, geek girl pictures of the current Divas Champ! You can view them all at the gallery page on WWE’s official website. For all you nerds, geeks, and WWE fans out there, what do you think of AJ Lee’s photos? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Images via John Giamundo through WWE]