YouTube Has A Happy Birthday Video For You, Here’s How To See It [Video]

It’s simple. Just type “happy birthday” and then your name, and the first item on the search list will be a personalized Happy Birthday video just for you. If you want, it will work for a friend too… most of the time.

See, not everyone gets a surprise, and it’s not all that personal, but it is still pretty fun. There are about 606 names that have birthday videos so far. And yes, the video is essentially always the same. It’s still nice to know that someone remembered.

Plus, now people will have the perfect video to send their friends and family to show how they feel on that special day.

The songs were put together by EpicHappyBirthdays on YouTube. And if you consider exploding clowns and dinosaurs epic, then the title will not disappoint.

Sadly, only those with more common names will get a Happy Birthday video — those people plus Xander. People like Mary Beth will simply have to do without. In the comments section of many of the video, there are requests for even more personalized birthday videos for names like Florence and Aurora. This means there is a lot of work still left to be done.

Although most of the video only have a couple thousand views, the 606 videos taken as a whole are trending after being posted in late September.

The trend seems to have taken off when a Reddit user posted about it. Now the commonly named world can enjoy flying turtles, creepy babies, and a sheep going crazy. Encapsulating the feelings so many have on their birthday.

[Image Credit: YouTube]