Cab Driver Wins EuroMillions Because He Forgot His Son’s Birthday

Some lottery players tend to go with their luck and pick random numbers. Others pick a set of numbers that they stick with each time they bet.

Murray McKenzie, 63, always played the same numbers on the EuroMillions lottery. Part of his “lucky numbers” set was the date his son Thomas was born, which was 13, or so he thought.

Murray’s son Thomas was actually born on the 12th and Murray, after realizing his mistake, decided to stick with the numbers that he had been betting on for the last two years. His mistake paid off when he won £215,000 ($345,000) just this week. Murray was so excited about his winning and said that it is the lucky 13 that made him win, according to The Mirror.

“I always got my kids’ birthdays wrong – it’s a dad thing. I’m not usually forgetful but I am starting to have to write things down in my old age. I suddenly realised I’d been putting the wrong number down the whole time, but by then I always used the same numbers and I felt it was fate to use it. It turns out I was right – it’s lucky number 13. I did have to apologise to Thomas afterwards though.”

Murray and his wife Pat, 65, who is a hairdresser, have two children and four grandchildren. Murray says that he loves his job as a cab driver, and even if they won a large amount from EuroMillions, he says that he won’t stop working and will probably just work fewer hours as a cab driver. Express UK also reports that the couple doesn’t plan on living a lavish lifestyle, even with their EuroMillions win.

“We don’t want to drive fast cars or move to a bigger house, we are very content with what we have, but it’s going to give us so much freedom and peace of mind.”

Murray said with the amount of money that he won, he could spend less time working and more time with his family, especially now that there is another grandchild on the way.

Murray also says that it is a bit embarrassing to admit to the world that he got his only son’s birthday wrong. However, he hopes that Thomas will forgive him knowing that there is “£215,228.30 now in the family coffers.”

[Image via Express UK]