Major ‘Justice League’ Villain And ‘Suicide Squad’ Character Movie Rumors Dropped

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is still filming, but we are already getting scoops on future DC Comic films like Justice League and Suicide Squad. These are potentially major spoilers so be careful before continuing on.

Schmoes Know hosted its weekly Meet the Movie Press videocast with a special visit from Latino Review‘s big scoop hitter, Umberto Gonzalez (aka El Mayimbe). He’s been covering the entertainment business for around 10 years and shared his background on how he got started. This part is interesting for those curious on how these kind of scoops gets out, but the real news is Justice League and Suicide Squad.

Here’s the big scoop for Justice League that El Mayimbe picked up by looking at an early draft of the script. It involves the movie’s big villain, so consider this your last chance to not have it spoiled.

Braniac is going to be villain in Justice League with a cool setup… Turns out Brainiac also heard the same Kryptonian beacon the Superman set off in Man of Steel. The same beacon that brought Zod to Earth. Very cool.

The end of Batman v Superman will provide the setup for Braniac’s arrival, according to El Mayimbe. The Kryptonian intelligence turned devourer of information and worlds is typically a Superman only villain, but he’s proven he’s a big enough bad guy to take on multiple DC super heroes.

Most of the speculation for Justice League has revolved around Darkseid as the villain for Justice League thus far. He’s being pushed back to a future movie, though. Shmoes Know’s Mark Reilly thinks that makes sense because of the similarity with Marvel’s Thanos.


The second scoop dropped by El Mayimbe is for Suicide Squad. Fury director David Ayer is slated to direct, but the question will be the what DC super villains turned black ops soldier he will be directing.

The seven members of the Suicide Squad directly from the script are as follows: Seven doors open and SEVEN PRISONERS step on the line. They will be our newly-formed team. To summarize: BLOCKBUSTER — the strongman. MULTIPLEX — the human replicator. JACULI — the speedster. MINDBOGGLER — the female telepath. It’s a lot of names. But don’t worry — our story is not going to feature them. Instead we will emphasize… HARKNESS — special weapons. VIXEN — female with animal abilities. And LAWTON (DEADSHOT) — you know what he does.

El Mayimbe says he has the script for Suicide Squad as well, but has not had time to read it yet.

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[Images via DC Comics]