‘The Big Bang Theory’: Will Leonard And Penny Split Up?

The Big Bang Theory’s latest season is only three episodes old but there is already growing speculation that Penny and Leonard might be on the verge of splitting up.

The duo finally got engaged after seven season’s worth of flirting, falling out, getting together, splitting up, and then getting back together again in the penultimate episode to the previous season. However, tension between the pair has been simmering recently, and in the upcoming episode, The Expedition Approximation, the pair are set to have a showdown.

According to the International Business Times, Penny’s woeful handling of her debts is what leads to the friction, and after it’s revealed that she is now earning quite a hefty sum of money thanks to her new position as a pharmaceutical rep, Leonard advises her to start paying off these bills, manager her finances better, and stop buying unneeded products. As you can imagine, she doesn’t take too kindly to his words.

Penny and Leonard then turn to their respective friends, Bernadette and Howard, for advice, but there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight to the quarrels that are beginning to have an adverse effect on their relationship.

In the past, Steven Molaro, who works as The Big Bang Theory’s showrunner, told The Hollywood Reporter that they weren’t going to rush into getting the duo married.

“At least as of now, there isn’t a lot of wedding planning as far as stories go. She’s really focused on this new career. I don’t think they’re in a rush. They’re happy, they’re engaged and, like a lot of people, they may be engaged for a while. But it does raise issues like money, combining money in the future and who has credit card debt and what that all means. Those kind of issues start to come up, which I find more interesting than the actual wedding planning.”

Could Penny and Leonard actually split up, though? It would be a brave move for the show, especially since it looks like it will be coming to an end in three years time when the actors’ current contracts run out. However, there have been plenty of suggestions that, in the end, Penny and Leonard just aren’t right for each other, and these difference are beginning to become more and more prominent.

The upcoming two episodes, The Focus Attenuation and The Expedition Approximation, which will air on October 13 and October 20 respectively, should show us whether the duo will actually make it down the aisle.

[Image via Betakb]