‘Faking It’ Recap: Is Karma Falling For Amy?

Faking It, MTV’s newest hit series, has started off with a bang, and after watching this week’s episode, looks like there are more confused feelings than ever. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to catch up on the latest episode, or for those of you who still need to catch up on season one, be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

In the latest episode of Faking It, fans get to see a little romance bloom between quite a few of our main characters, and it was all brought on by the arrival of a busload of Brazilian babes from the Hester High sister school in Brazil. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Brazilian babes are brought to the fictional Hester High after a disaster forces them out of their own school. We find out that the students from Brazil were forced out of their school thanks to a sinkhole which “sucked up” their whole school.

Since there seems to be a lot of heartbreak surrounding our main characters, this would be the perfect reason to let the teenage confusion and hormones run free — at least that’s what Shane and Karma seem to believe. Shane sees this as a chance for Liam to get some post-Karma booty, and Karma believes that this is the perfect time to find Amy a hot lesbian girlfriend.

Hormones are flying high throughout the Faking It episode, and nobody’s feelings are spared. Shane finds himself an attractive little piece of eye candy early on in the episode, and we even see Amy claim two attractive little numbers. To add to the confusion, one is a girl, the other a boy. Shane later tries to set Liam up with his own little Brazilian number, and Karma is the one left out of the fun. She simply agrees to translate Amy’s two dates, which later backfires.

While Amy is clearly attracted to these two non-English speaking hotties, Karma seems to be having a hard time following her own plan. While she does her best to translate and create a connection between Amy and her two dates, she clearly was trying a little too hard. When Amy catches on, she calls Karma out on it, and fans watch as Karma goes from not only brokenhearted over the loss of Liam, but she appears to be confused about Amy moving on.

So Faking It fans are left wondering: are Amy and Karma over for good? Gregg Sulkin, who plays Liam, told WhoSay that it could happen!

“Maybe,” the 22-year-old actor—who plays Liam on the hit MTV show—told WhoSay at the Knott’s Scary Farm VIP opening on October 2. “I think it would be nice. Who knows where the show is going to go? But I think it’s a possibility.”

So is there a chance for Amy and Karma? Despite denying any romantic feelings for her best friend, could Karma be just as confused as Amy? Guess you’ll just have to tune into next week’s episode of Faking It on Tuesday at 10:30 pm.

[Image via Faking It Twitter Account]