Ebola In OKC: Patient Exhibiting Symptoms ‘Not Exposed,’ Testing ‘Not Warranted’

An Ebola in OKC panic sprung up today, after it was announced that Deaconess Hospital took in a patient who was exhibiting Ebola symptoms.

The Oklahoma City patient was placed in isolation, but after “screening the patient,” the hospital and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) “determined the patient has not been exposed to Ebola, and that Ebola testing was not warranted.”

Therefore, the patient will be taken out of isolation and moved to a regular wing while the hospital looks for other causes of the symptoms, News 9 reports.

Deaconess Hospital first contacted the CDC about having a possible Ebola victim in their hospital. They then contacted the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Officials said the patient had been in contact with someone in Africa, but the person was not from one of the three “hot spots” known for an Ebola outbreak.

Deaconess just released the following statement on the case.

“Deaconess Hospital has assessed a patient with symptoms that could be associated with Ebola. Following a careful and thorough review of the patient’s symptoms, risk factors and test results, the Department of Health and the CDC have determined that the patient has not been exposed to Ebola. Erring on the side of public safety, the hospital followed all appropriate protocol set forth by the CDC and we are pleased that our staff and processes worked appropriately. The hospital appreciates the cooperation and support of public health authorities. Deaconess is dedicated to providing patients with high quality care in a safe environment.”

Fears of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. have been rampant since patient Thomas Eric Duncan showed up with the disease in Dallas and was sent home, exposing a potential 100 people to the deadly virus.

Duncan died on Wednesday, but the panic hasn’t. (Reuters)

Some pranksters are even stoking the fires, with a person on an airplane recently screaming out that they had Ebola, causing a full Hazmat suit evacuation.

As for the people at the center of the Ebola in OKC fears — the citizens of Oklahoma City — there is a mix of panic and taking it in stride at the News 9 comment board.


“Why take any chances. Just because you don’t think he has it doesn’t make any sense to me. Test people to make sure and quit saying it’s not likely or he doesn’t when he wasn’t even tested,” wrote another.

Another took the opposing view.

“Everybody should just go home and stay there until they get around to testing you. One person out of over 300 million people in the U.S. dies and everyone panics. I would hate to be there if three people die. You have a better chance of getting killed in a car wreck trying to get home.”

Do you think the Ebola in OKC panic warrants a test of the patient, or is the CDC response of checking his risk factors good enough? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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