Police Report On Palin Brawl: Conflicting Stories, Family Intoxicated

The Anchorage Police Department has released an official report on the observations and interviews taken by officers responding to the Palin family brawl. The report reveals a chaotic scene, with each partygoer and Palin family member telling a different, often contradictory, story. The fight originally broke out September 6, and involved around 20 people, but the stars of the fight were Sarah Palin’s oldest son Track and daughter Bristol.

Police report they arrived on the scene to see the Palin’s limousine parked in a cul-de-sac with a bloodied and shirtless Track Palin on the street. About 20 people were wandering around the scene of the brawl, a house where a birthday party for McKenna, a snowmobile champion, was being held by the house’s owner Corey Klingenmeyer. The Palin family was apparently there to celebrate McKenna and Todd Palin’s birthday, but things almost immediately got out of hand.

The police report that Track and Bristol Palin were heavily intoxicated. Multiple witnesses say that Bristol repeatedly punched homeowner Corey before being taken to the ground by other unnamed party attendants.

Otherwise, each of the brawl’s participants told a different story of the fight.

Corey told police that Bristol entered the scene saying she was going to “knock that b***h out,” (it’s not clear who the b***h was). Corey intercepted the Palin daughter and told her she needed to leave, which made Bristol angry enough to start punching with both hands, getting in five to eight blows before being taken down.

According to Corey’s statement, that’s when Track arrived with another man. They started throwing punches at Corey, and that’s when everyone else jumped in. It’s not clear what was the original cause of the fight, but Bristol says it was a brawl to avenge her sister Willow.

According to Bristol’s statement, Willow said some older woman hit her. Bristol entered the party to find out who the older woman was, but then was assaulted by Corey, who knocked her to the ground and dragged her to the cul de sac while yelling “c**t” and “slut.” Bristol said she then saw her brother Track being attacked and tried to help.

Track, who police initially describe as heavily intoxicated and belligerent, said in his statement that some guys were yelling at his sisters and making them cry. He wanted to leave the party, but then someone sucker punched a Palin family friend named Steven. At this point, Track took off his shirt to get ready to fight. Then multiple guys attacked Track from behind.

At some point Sarah Palin’s husband Todd Palin also got bloodied in the battle, but it’s not clear how or when.

The police report sounds like it would be great material for reality television, but poison for someone with political ambitions. Although the homeowner was upset, he declined to press charges.

The full police report on the Palin family brawl can be found here.

[Image Credit: People.com]