113-Year-Old Time Capsule Opened, Keeps Slipping Into The Future

In the scheme of things, 113 years isn’t much time to hang out on old terra firma, but for historians and curiosity-seekers alike, all time capsules hold a deep fascination and attraction simply because human beings are, well, curious creatures.

It smacks of Gollum asking the famed question, “What has it got in its pocketses”?

Yahoo News reports that the 113-year-old time capsule was removed from the head of a lion statue, where it was hidden in “plain sight” since 1901. The copper, shoe box-sized time capsule was discovered on one of Boston’s most famous landmarks, Boston’s Old State House.

The Bostonian Society, which oversees the building, first learned of the possible existence of the time capsule three years ago. Samuel Rogers, a craftsman working on renovations to the building, is believed to have been the one who cataloged the contents of the capsule and placed the box in the lion’s mouth.

Rogers’ great-great-granddaughter is credited with alluding to the contents of the copper box three years ago. Archives reveal that in 1901, an article in The Boston Globe said the find “will prove interesting when the box is opened many years hence.”

The actual find was made by Robert Shure, president of Skylight Studios, when the copper and gold-leaf lion statue was brought to him for refurbishing. Shure was the first to open the time capsule using a drill and other tools to cut it open.

But it was not until Thursday at a private ceremony in front of reporters in Woburn, Massachusetts, that the contents revealed the box was full, with a red hardcover book sitting on top.

The Bostonian Society decided not to take out the book at the ceremony. Instead, historians will examine all the contents of the capsule soon in a more controlled environment. Until then, the entire contents of the time capsule will continue to remain a mystery.

The Boston Globe reports Society archivist Elizabeth Roscio claims the time capsule is “in remarkably good condition.”

Brian LeMay, the society’s president said, “It’s much cleaner than I was expecting. I’m as anxious as anyone in this room to just grab it and look inside.”

A new time capsule will be inserted back into the head of the lion, and one item will be a medal from the 2013 Boston Marathon.

By coincidence, BoingBoing tells of another time capsule sealed 100 years ago was discovered and opened in New York this week, as well. It is believed that they are the country’s oldest time capsules.

Fun for the family around this time of the year would be to take that scary trip into the attic or basement of your old Aunt Mary’s abandoned house, and discover your own time capsules. As The Inquisitr reveals relics from the past are everywhere!

[Image via Reuters]