Breastfeeding Mothers Get Support From Ginnifer Goodwin In 'Once Upon A Time' Season 4

Breastfeeding moms all over probably let out a yell of support when Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays as Snow White in Once Upon A Time, directly provides support for breastfeeding mothers based upon significant scenes in the latest episode.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one breastfeeding mom was kicked off a Delta airlines flight because a flight attendant demanded she stop feeding her sleeping child right away. When the mother did not comply fast enough, she was escorted off the airplane and handed over to two police officers. Another nursing mother was made to feel uncomfortable at a pizza restaurant simply because she was breastfeeding in public at a table.

Stories like these seem to reinforce the point that breastfeeding mothers are often treated like second class citizens in today's American society. The emphasis is often to switching to formula and everyone is shocked when a child is several years old and still breastfeeding. This is despite the fact that the world average age for ending breastfeeding is somewhere around 4.5 years old, although supporters of breastfeeding claim "the 'natural' age of weaning for humans was probably somewhere between 2.5 and 7 years of age."

In real life, Snow White and Prince Charming are married. Ginnifer Goodwin and actor Josh Dallas really did have a baby and the character of Mary Margaret happens to highly resemble reality.

"[Mary Margaret] is back as mayor and has a lot of stuff to deal with as well as breastfeeding and changing diapers with Neil," Dallas said according to E! Online. "But she's Snow White, baby! She can do it all."

Episode 2 of Once Upon A Time Season 4 contains the scene that will have breastfeeding mothers rejoicing. Elsa, of Frozen fame, accidentally cuts off the power lines with her ice magic. Mary Margaret is trying to work with the dwarves to restore electricity at the power plant and when all Happy can do is complain, she snaps.

"Look, I am not magic," she yells at them. "I have had eight hours of sleep in the last week, I am breastfeeding and I am exhausted. I don't need this. I may have cast a little curse, but I did not ask to maintain a metropolitan electrical grid."

Humorously enough, by comparing the power station to breastfeeding she manages to save they day once she realizes the system is simply "hungry" for fuel. Check out the video clip below.