‘Batman Vs Superman’ Cast: A Female Robin Should Be Expected Based Upon ‘The Dark Knight Returns’

Fans of Batman Vs Superman should be expecting a female Robin based the story told in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but is it possible the direction will be taken a bit different?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Michael Keaton is not interested in being part of the Batman Vs Superman cast, although Harry Lennix insists Ben Affleck will be a better Batman because he’s American.

Right now the biggest rumor has Jena Malone joining the Batman Vs Superman cast as the female Robin character. The rumor started because Malone is a good friend of director Zack Snyder and she was spotted on the set during a visit. She also happens to be sporting a brownish red tint of hair right now, which almost matches the female Robin depicted in The Dark Knight Returns.

Harry Lennix also confirmed that Snyder is at least loosely using the The Dark Knight Returns plot for the story of Batman Vs Superman.

“Anybody who’s a fan of the ’86 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, I think will be well pleased by that. This is a historic event. Clearly, Zack Snyder is on the cutting edge of directing movies of this scope and scale. I think you can depend on the acting — you’ve got Amy Adams, of course. You’ve got Henry. I don’t think there are any surprises with regard to that. What will happen remains to be seen. I’d probably wind up in a box some place.”

If you have not read it already, back in 1986 Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns revitalized and re-envisioned the Batman mythos by having an older Bruce Wayne return to the streets after having hung up the cowl for years. We should expect Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice to go in a slightly different direction from The Dark Knight Returns, although certain details may be the same.

In Frank Miller’s vision, Robin had died, and leaked photos from the set do indeed show a tattered Robin costume in the Batcave. In the comic series, a female Robin named Carrie Kelley is introduced, but if Snyder is choosing to go that direction then the actress has not been confirmed. Jena Malone is also 29 years old, while the Kelley character was only age 13. Besides that obvious difference, if Snyder does go with a female Robin it’s possible they may ditch the blocky green glasses.

If Zack Snyder chooses against a female Robin, he has multiple options for the Batman Vs Superman casting. If he really wants to stick to the timeline of The Dark Knight Returns, the only option for an older Robin is Dick Grayson, who should be Nightwing at this point. Jason Todd would be dead, although in other alternate timelines he’s revived as The Red Hood. There’s also the option of Tim Drake, who becomes the Red Robin. If Snyder really wants to throw fans for a loop, he could bring in Bruce Wayne’s son Damian just to watch the reaction.