Phil Robertson’s Beliefs Walk The Line: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Getting Canceled?

Based on the Holy Bible, when God created a man and woman, Adam and Eve, if you will, the Creator meant for them to “be fruitful and multiply,” while living a monogamous and committed life together. And using scripture from the book of Genesis 1:28 (King James version), Phil Robertson, during a recent sermon, went one step further, suggesting that if a couple stays committed and have sex the way the Bible spells out, there is no way to contract sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). However, one source suggested this latest rant could lead to Duck Dynasty‘s cancellation.

Thursday, Western Journalism delved into this developing story and engaged readers with this headline: “What Phil Robertson Just Said Could Have Some Calling For Duck Dynasty’s Cancellation.” The angle of the story comes on the heels of claims that liberals are up in arms over Robertson’s latest remarks. And many are still stewing over remarks Phil made in a GQ interview pertaining to the LGBT community.

Robertson, who is also a minister, was in attendance at White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana, on September 14 as part of Duck Commander Mission Sunday. Robertson, an elder at the Louisiana church, prefaced his sermon by first reading from Merriam Webster’s dictionary on the definition of “political correctness.” Phil’s oldest son, Alan Robertson, also an ordained minister, was in attendance as well.

“Political correctness, conforming to what is regarded orthodox liberal opinion in matters of – are you ready? – sexuality. The Bible said one man, one woman: that’s what [God] made to begin with. For this reason, we have a male and a female. For that reason, those two can come together and be married. And when they marry, what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Arguably, at this point of his message, there’s nothing unusual about Phil’s mention of the institution of marriage, especially if you’re a Conservative Christian. But the next series of Bible interpretations has many up in a tizzy, particularly Robertson’s crosswise inferences between venereal diseases and Christian beliefs, according to some sources.

“Man marries a woman. They can procreate, fill the Earth with offspring – they need to stay together just like that. You know what those two will never have? They will never have a sexually transmitted disease. You know why? They keep their sex between the two of them. They can’t catch a sexually transmitted disease.”

Simply stated, Phil Robertson believes that if a married couple follows scripture and does not stray outside of the vows, immunity from sexually-communicable diseases is a guarantee. Not everyone agrees with the Duck Dynasty head’s reasoning in putting marital monogamy and Biblical sex practices in such plain terms.

Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D., a researcher and STD expert, wrote a piece back in February at that debunked a myth about long-term relationships and signs of cheating. While her post is not a direct refutation of Robertson’s sermon, it provides a sharp contrast to his argument.

“Even if you had undergone regular screening, if you were infected while having sex with a partner who had not been tested in years, there is always the possibility that they were infected asymptomatically a long time before you got together – and just didn’t know it. Even when you are having sex with someone who is infected with an STD, you won’t necessarily get infected the first time you sleep together. Particularly if you intermittently practice safe sex, it could take months or even years.”

WJ raised a fair question in its exploration of Phil Robertson’s fate from yet another controversial rant. It’s unknown what the future holds for the reality TV family.

According to TV by the Numbers, despite the fallout and ratings decline from Phil’s earlier suspension over gays, lesbians, and the institution of marriage from a Biblical perspective, Duck Dynasty continues to lead all competitors in the same time slot. Will the Robertson’s show be canceled as sources suggest?

[Image via: A&E via CNS News, The Atlantic]