Is Bigfoot An Alien? UFO Conference Seeks The Truth

Dustin Wicksell

Visitors to an upcoming UFO conference in Pennsylvania will have more than flying saucers on their minds as they examine whether or not the hairy giant known as Bigfoot is actually an alien visitor from beyond the Earth.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania will hold its seventh annual Pittsburgh UFO-Creature Conference on Nov. 8, according to SF Gate. MUFON's West Virginia state director and Pennsylvania regional director, Fred Saluga, along with Brian Seech, director of the Center for the Unexplained, will be hosting a presentation entitled Bigfoot and Mysterious Creatures, examining connections between the seemingly disparate topics.

"There are two different fields of thought with Bigfoot: one that Bigfoot is flesh and blood and, two, that he is inter-dimensional or alien," Saluga noted.

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"It's like someone put him down and then picked him up. Is that possible for a flesh-and-blood animal?" Saluga said.

Bob BeHanna, Director of PA MUFON's Section 6, noted that Pennsylvania is a hotbed of Bigfoot reports, as well as UFO sightings.

"If you think about it, we'd have found something if it was flesh-and-blood," he asserted.

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As UPI notes, Saluga believes researchers examining the topic should keep an open mind until more concrete evidence presents itself. He notes that until such proof is available, there are no experts who can understand Bigfoot or its possible alien connections.

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