Hawkeye Solo Flick On The Way? Avengers’ Jeremy Renner Says He’s ‘Always Been Interested’

Seems like not a day goes by without one of Marvel’s mightiest saying something new to keep the rumor mill churning. Now Jeremy Renner, who plays the Avengers’ Hawkeye, says that not only is he interested in a Hawkeye solo flick, but that he’s “always” been interested.

Just a few weeks ago, Renner sounded none too keen on the idea of a feature film starring the Avengers’ Hawkeye. Speaking with MTV, Renner said that he was just fine with Hawkeye playing the role of the supporting hero.

“I’m happy to be the ensemble. I’m not scratching or clawing to do a solo movie by any means,” Renner said at the time. “I think he’s a utility guy that can bounce around into other people’s universes a little bit.”

Fast forward a bit, and Renner’s opinion on a Hawkeye solo appears to have changed. Maybe it’s the reception that quote got from fans; maybe it’s hearing that Robert Downey Jr. pulled in $75 million last year, mostly from Iron Man 3; maybe it’s just because it’s a Thursday, but in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Renner sounded a bit more interested in taking up the bow for a Hawkeye feature.

“Am I interested?” Renner responded to a question on a Hawkeye solo. “Always have been interested. I always love Clint, and in the last Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got to dive into him some more. Very excited about the outcome of it, and where it can go in the future.”

Renner didn’t give much more in the way of details, but he did seem to imply that fans shouldn’t be holding their breath for a Hawkeye solo film in the near future. That, Renner said, is in the hands of the higher ups at Marvel.

“But all I can do is want,” Renner added. “And that’s all I can do. It all comes down to the content, and really how the puppeteers at Marvel can manifest a story that’s worthy of a solo movie. Not sure what that is, or how that is, but I’m confident they can do whatever they want, if they want to do it. And I’d be game.”

Renner isn’t the only Marvelite to recently claim no control over a solo Marvel movie. Just this Tuesday, none other than Robert Downey, Jr. first avowed then disavowed plans for Iron Man 4. When Downey took to Reddit for his own AMA, he didn’t speak much to a fourth Iron Man flick, but he did say there was a possibility that he could guest star on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Whether or not Hawkeye gets his own solo turn may be up in the air, but the character is certain to pop up in next summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. How exactly the bow-wielding Avenger will fare against a Tony Stark-created artificial intelligence remains to be seen, but Renner implied earlier that Hawkeye will survive Ultron’s wrath. The character is widely rumored to play a major role in Captain America 3, which will presumably be set after Ultron conquers theaters next year.