Bottles Of Marijuana-Infused Soda Explode At Washington Pot Shop

Aaron Homer

A Washington (state) pot shop found itself in possession of about 300 bottles of pot-infused soda that promised an explosive high; as in literally -- the bottles exploded.

According to Business2Community, Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, Washington purchased a case of 330 bottles of Legal Pomegranate pot-infused soda ("Legal" is the brand name) and sold about 10 on the first day. Employees came to work the next day to find a sticky mess in the display counter: some of the bottles of pot soda had exploded.

Store manager Zach Henifin told KOMO (Seattle) that employees saw (and heard) bottles of the pot soda randomly exploding in the display case.

"It sounded like a shotgun going off. You can actually feel it, it was that explosive."
"Everything has to have 100 percent traceability, and if things are blowing up and they are no longer good, are they still going to be traced? What happens us at that point? It's basically been exploding for a week and a half all over the store."

Adam Stites, the founder of the pot soda's manufacturer, said that the pot soda exploded due to a manufacturing error.

"It was simply the fact that his batch had a higher yeast concentration, and one of the by-products of yeast is excess carbon dioxide. The yeast was just building up the pressure in the bottles over a seven to 10 day period. Sometimes when your [sic] creating new products in new marketplace there's a little bit of a learning curve and that's what we've experienced."

Mirth plans to reimburse Top Shelf Cannabis and all of the other retailers for the exploding pot soda bottles.

[Image courtesy of: KCPQ (Tacoma)]