Lorde ‘South Park’ Episode: Singer Responds To Transgender Parody

Lorde is a 45-year-old geologist, or so says the latest episode of South Park. The Comedy Central hit show included the chart topping singer in two episodes of the new season but in Wednesday’s episode, Lorde became the center of South Park‘s transgender parody.

In true South Park fashion, the show took a hot topic and decided to poke a little fun at it. While being transgender was the main topic of the episode, Lorde stole the show because, according to South Park, while she may identify as a female she is, in reality, 45-year-old Randy Marsh of South Park Colorado.

While some may expect some backlash from Lorde regarding the show and its topic, she actually took to Twitter to say that it was not only “weird” but “cool” at the same time.

So how did Randy marsh go from 45-year-old geologist to a 17-year-old chart topping singer? According to The Huffington Post, it all began as an elaborate cover so he could begin using the women’s bathroom. In the show, Randy explains to his son Stan that after creating the female persona, which he named Lorde, he was able to begin using the women’s bathroom. From there he began singing and, thanks to auto-tune, he quickly became a chart-topping celebrity.

So what did fans think of Lorde’s role in the new season of South Park? Just check out the Twitter response for yourself:

Can’t believe Lorde is Randy Marsh @SouthPark

— Jordan Bostock (@JordanBostock1) October 9, 2014

“lorde lorde lorde ya ya ya” lmao South Park is so funny

— gwen (@gwendxza) October 9, 2014

OMG, CONGRATS!!!! “@lordemusic: i have officially been the subject of 2 south park episodes and that is weird and cool”

— Moe Hoe Shakur (@RATCHET_MOEsha) October 9, 2014

Did you check out the two Lorde South Park parody episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Ya ya ya!

[Image via South Park Twitter Feed]