Is ISIS Planning Ebola Suicide Bomb Attacks?

Robert Jonathan

Could ISIS weaponize Ebola for a suicide bio-terror attack by intentionally exposing its fighters to the deadly virus?

A U.S. Naval War College professor apparently thinks so. That professor, Capt. Al Shimkus (Ret.), told Forbes, "The individual exposed to the Ebola virus would be the carrier. In the context of terrorist activity, it doesn't take much sophistication to go to that next step to use a human being as a carrier."

Shimkus, who teaches a chemical and biological warfare course, added that "if ISIS wanted to send half a dozen of its operatives into an Ebola outbreak region and intentionally expose themselves to the virus, they very well could. The idea is then once they had intentionally infected themselves, they would try to interact with as many people in their target city or country of choice."

He also expressed confidence that advanced healthcare systems in western countries could "identify, isolate and stop the virus" in the event that it was part of a terrorist plot.

Along these lines, The Inquisitr separately chronicled that ISIS leaders reportedly claimed that their fighters would be willing to sacrifice themselves by spreading the Ebola virus in its current form, which requires physical contact with body fluids from victims.

British emergency management expert Jennifer Cole expressed skepticism about the weaponized Ebola theory, however. She told London's Daily Mail, "Everyone's looking out for signs of Ebola at the moment so they'd be very unlikely to get away with it. The other issue with Ebola is that it's very hard to control. The militants could just end up wiping themselves out before they've had the chance to pass it on. For a suicide attack, strapping sticks of dynamite to your chest is far more effective."

U.K. national security expert Anthony Glees suggested in the alternative that "[i]n some ways it's a plausible theory -- IS fighters believe in suicide and this is a potential job for a suicide mission. They are sufficiently murderous and well-informed to consider it, and they know that we've been remiss in the U.K.," according to the Daily Mail.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the United Nations has announced that a total of 8,033 people have been infected with Ebola through October 5, and that 3,879 have died. The countries hit hardest by the outbreak, Liberia and Sierra Leone, have fewer than a quarter of the hospital beds needed to respond to the Ebola outbreak.

Although five major U.S airports will begin implementing more thorough Ebola screening procedures, the Obama administration has been unwilling to limit or ban flights from West Africa.

As far as the possibility of ISIS in America is concerned, four ISIS terrorists have allegedly been arrested just in the last couple of days at or near the U.S.-Mexican border in Texas, according to a report from Judicial Watch. Two nights ago, U.S. Congressman and Marine combat vet Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) declared on the Fox News Channel that his U.S. Border Patrol sources told him that agents have detained at least 10 ISIS fighters at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Do you think it is at all plausible that Ebola-infected ISIS terrorists could turn themselves into suicide bombs?

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