‘Batman V Superman’ Cast: Michael Keaton Is Not Interested

Recent Batman V Superman cast rumors have risen from fans who might want a cameo from one of the first actors to ever don the cape and cowl. Michael Keaton has officially stated he has “zero interest” in the film, so a cameo is unlikely.

Part of the source of those rumors is the news that Keaton will be playing the lead role in Birdman, a film about a washed-up actor who used to play an iconic superhero. It’s interesting because, in this case, it’s art imitating life. Michael Keaton might not have been the original Batman (that would be Adam West), but with the help of Tim Burton, he made the character dark and interesting again in the 90s.

Since Keaton started demanding a higher pay rate to play Batman again, he was recast and barely had any major movie roles again. He’s had supporting roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, Will Ferrell’s The Other Guys, and the Aaron Paul racer Need for Speed, but Michael Keaton hasn’t had a serious lead role since Multiplicity.

This isn’t stopping the “Birdman” from turning down the chance to join the Batman V Superman cast. Apparently after having stepped down from Wayne Manor, Keaton isn’t going back, even in a cameo.

Michael Keaton says that fans keep asking him if Ben Affleck will be a good choice, and he doesn’t have an educated opinion.

“Chris Nolan is great, but I’ve never seen any of the ‘Batman’ movies all the way through. I know they’re good. I just have zero interest in those kinds of movies. I mean, people are asking me, ‘Is Ben Affleck going to be any good?’ And my attitude is, First of all, why would you ask me? Second, he’s probably going to be very good, and third, frankly, it’s all set up now so that you’re weirdly kind of safe. Once you get in those suits, they really know what to do with you. It was hard then; it ain’t that hard now.”

Not only is Keaton not going to be in the Batman V Superman cast, but he hasn’t even seen the recent DC Comics films. He feels that the talents in charge know what they’re doing, having come from everywhere between Man of Steel and Argo.

Do you think Michael Keaton would have a workable role if he had tried to join the Batman V Superman cast?

[Image via We Got This Covered]