Teresa Giudice Going to 'Camp Cupcake' Prison? Here's Why You Want to Be Her Cellmate!

Teresa Giudice is likely going to spend her 15-month sentence at a prison known as "Camp Cupcake," according to Radar Online.

"Camp Cupcake" is the nickname for the Alderson Federal Prison located in West Virginia. The facility received that nickname for the numerous amenities that are provided to its inmates.

Even though Teresa Giudice admitted earlier this year that she is "very scared" about having to go to prison, spending more than a year in this type of facility would not really be the same as spending the same amount of time in an ordinary prison.

Based on the Alderson Federal Prison handbook, which is given to all inmates, Teresa Giudice could actually become quite comfortable if she is assigned to this prison.

Teresa Giudice would definitely get a lot more than "three hots and a cot." Within her living unit (also known as a "cell"), Giudice would actually have a bed, microwave oven, curling iron and hair dryer.

She will still be able to maintain a nice tan since "Camp Cupcake" allows their inmates to sunbathe Monday through Friday after 4 PM. The only downside to the sunbathing experience, according to the inmate handbook, is that Teresa Giudice would not be allowed to wear any of her designer bikinis while doing it.

"The shorts must extend to mid-thigh and completely cover the buttocks area. The tee shirt may be rolled up to expose the lower back and stomach area only. Under garments must be worn at all times and may not be exposed."
In addition to being able to relax under the sun five days a week, Teresa Giudice will also be able to enjoy a variety of classes and activities that provide inmates the opportunity to relax and improve their mental attitudes - including anger management classes, aerobics, self-relaxation courses and yoga.

For the first 60 days of her sentence, Teresa Giudice will be required to work in either landscaping or food service. However, she will then have the opportunity to enroll in her choice of apprenticeship programs in such fields as teacher's assistant, cooking, plumbing and electrical work.

Along with not having to worry about pale skin and bad hair days, Teresa Giudice will also not have to worry about physical contact since physical contact of any kind between inmates is "strictly prohibited."

During her sentence at the Alderson Federal Prison, Teresa Giudice will definitely have to give up her couture wardrobe options. All that she is going to receive from "Camp Cupcake" is a single pair of shoes, two pairs of khaki pants and eight pairs of underwear.

What do you think about "Camp Cupcake"? Should an extensive stay at this facility be considered reasonable punishment for Teresa Giudice?

[Image Credit: Business Insider, Stoopid Housewives and FanPop]