Texas Prisoners Don’t Get Lunch On Weekends

It’s no secret that many prisoners are better fed than poor families, receiving three square meals a day everyday of the week, unless of course those prisoners are in Texas. In an attempt to cut back on food costs some facilities in the state have began cutting weekend lunches from their routine.

The practice began in April when the state began serving what they call “brunch” (their combination breakfast/lunch) which is provided to inmates between 5am and 7am.

Under their “brunch” plan the states prison system has shied away from American Correctional Association guidelines which calls for three meals per day, although some wiggle room is allowed under those rules.

Under Texas law prisoners are only required to be fed “three times in any 24-hour period,” which under their current feeding schedule would mean they are within their own guidelines if the prisoner begins eating his weekend brunch at the same time each day.

Before enacting their new policy prison officials say they spoke with health officials and dieticians about the change and they believe all legalities have been met for prisoner safety.


Speaking like a true chef one state senator said:

“If they don’t like the menu, don’t come here in the first place.”

Texas isn’t alone in their weekend meal cutting strategy, the Plainfield Correctional Facility in Indiana has also cut weekend meals for inmates.

Texas also recently became the first state to cut out their “last meal” program for death row inmates who are about to receive a lethal injection.