Ref Streaker Causes Brawl at College Football Game [Video]

While UCLA and Arizona lined up with two seconds left in the first half during last night’s nationally televised game, a ref sprinted on to the field and whistled the play dead. But he wasn’t a ref. A fact that was made crystal clear when he ripped off his shirt and sprinted down the field.

Seconds after the fake ref streaker took to the field, a bench clearing brawl took place between the two football teams.

Here’s the video.

First off, how has no one ever thought of that before? Most streakers, you know, streak. They cause a play stoppage because the actual refs blow their whistles and signal security to come take care of the run-amok fan. But to dress as a ref… To bring a whistle… To call for the ball… This young man is a master of mischief.

Yahoo reports that the streaker came from the Arizona sideline. Arizona, at the time of the incident, was beating UCLA by 42-7.

While refs and security were dealing with the streaker, a shouting match erupted between the players. Shouting turned to shoving and eventually both benches rushed onto the field. No one was hurt in the brawl but Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson and UCLA receiver Tyler Embree were ejected from the game.

It’s not clear what happened to the streaker, but I’m guessing that he was apprehended, paid a fine, then spent the rest of the night getting drunk with his Frat brothers while watching his new Youtube video.

Do you think this streaker was creative? Funny? Disruptive?