Guardian Angel Or Ghost? Woman Says Grandma's Face Appears In Baby's 4D Ultrasound

Kevin Bostic

Call it spooky, superstition, or spooky superstition, but Jon and Lindsay McHale call the ghostly appearance of what looks like a loved one's face in their baby's sonogram a miracle.

Ultrasounds have given many parents an incredible view of their children while they're still in the womb. The technology has even saved lives, as in the case of one couple, who decided against an abortion after their own sonogram showed their unborn child smiling in the womb. They can also be a bit unearthly, as the McHales' story shows.

The Mirror on Tuesday carried the tale of the mysterious 4D sonogram of Madison McHale, daughter of Jon and Lindsay. The Sidcup, London, couple went in for a regular checkup while Lindsay was still pregnant with Madison. They didn't notice anything when they first looked at it, but Jon's mother was convinced she saw something supernatural.

"We didn't see it at first," Jon told the Mirror, "but my mum was in the hospital with us, and she said she had seen it on the screen."

Jon's mother said the two should take the video home and watch it, and that's when they saw it.

"It" was a faint but noticeable image that looks like a human face that appears for a short time in the course of the 4D sonogram video. Whose face? Well...

"I like to think there is a relative watching over Madison," Jon continued, "and we think the face looks a lot like my grandma Kathy."

Grandma Kathy, or Great Nan Kath, is no longer with us, but the pair are convinced that her shade watches over their little girl. Madison, now six, loves to watch the video, and grins all the way through. Her parents have to point out exactly where the face is when she watches it, but little Madison has been seeing something else that her parents haven't, something that actually does make the McHale's ghostly sonogram story a bit spookier.

Jon told the Mirror that when the family went to visit his grandparents' old house, Madison suddenly began talking about having seen an "old lady with white hair in the front room and on the stairs."

Madison says it looks like the face in the sonogram. Madison has never met her Great Nan Kath.

The family isn't scared, though. They had a similar scan done when their now two-year-old son Finn was in the womb, but no faces showed up in that scan. It appears that only Madison has a spectral guardian. The McHales are convinced that it's a good presence.

"I didn't know what to think at first. It was just strange," Jon said, "but it wasn't a worried feeling. We like to think it's Madison's guardian angel, watching over her."