‘Ghostbusters 3’ Is Happening! Director Paul Feig Is Calling All The Funny Ladies

Ghostbusters 3 is happening! Suspected director Paul Feig just announced the news on Twitter that, after a long wait, we can finally count on him to really get things rolling on the long awaited installment. Not only that, but he plans to bring some of the funniest women on board too!

The Ghostbusters franchise has been through a lot. It took the loss of the original director Ivan Reitman, and the actual loss of resident ghostbuster and co-writer Harold Ramis, to stall the project big time. Then, you factor in Bill Murray’s reluctance to revisit this franchise and you have a movie that looks like it’s going nowhere. Then, Paul Feig’s name was tossed into the equation and all of a sudden a third installment seemed possible.

Feig made the news official with one simple tweet that said it all.

Accord to The Hollywood Reporter, “Feig came on board to rejuvenate the project in August. But he came with a twist: the Ghostbusters would now be a female team and the project would no longer be connected to the earlier movies but now launch a new series.”

Back to the funny women — Feig knows a thing or two about funny women. He’s directed comedy favorites involving funny ladies like The Heat and Bridesmaids. He’s also written for the short lived but very beloved series Freaks and Greeks. Now that it’s official, people are wondering who Feig will bring on board for Ghosterbusters 3.

While a lot of people are throwing out suggestions, we’re just going to say that it’s a given he will throw Melissa McCarthy in there since he’s worked with her plenty of times. We wouldn’t be surprised if he gets Aidy Bryant too, for that matter. Here’s a few other suggestions from excited Ghostbusters fans.

Although Murray has been opposed to starring in the installment, he gave his picks for who he thinks should star in the all-female cast. His list sounds very Feig-miliar.

“Melissa (McCarthy) would be a spectacular Ghostbuster, and Kristen Wiig is so funny. God, she’s funny! I like this (‘Mad Men’s’) Linda Cardellini a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

Feig has worked with all of these women except one. McCarthy and Wiig were both in Bridesmaids, while Cardellini goes way back with Feig on Freaks and Geeks. As for Emma Stone, her name along with Jonah Hill’s were thrown in while a script was being developed a year ago, but that never panned out.

Who do you think should star in the new Ghostbusters 3 film?