Ebola: Second Texas Man May Be Showing Symptoms Of The Virus

ebola texas

Ebola may have infected as second man in Texas. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Thomas Eric Duncan died earlier today from the deadly virus — his remains will reportedly be cremated. The unidentified Frisco, Texas, man who may have Ebola symptoms said, he had direct contact with Thomas Eric Duncan.

CDC officials said a second Ebola case in Texas remains unconfirmed, and the disease control agency felt they had contacted all individuals who had been in direct contact with Duncan. Approximately 50 people who had been near the first Ebola patient in the United States are currently being monitored for symptoms. About 10 of the individuals are being regarded as “high-risk” for exposure. Frisco is approximately 30 minutes from Dallas, where Thomas Duncan was being treated after arriving from West Africa.

The Frisco, Texas, man reportedly went to a Care Now facility earlier this afternoon. Local officials confirmed a “significant medical response” at the Main Street clinic did occur. Paramedics are reportedly in the process of transporting the possible Ebola patient, but the location of the hospital remains unknown. The staff and members of the public who were at the clinic at the same time are now reportedly being evaluated. It is also not currently known how man people the possible second Texas Ebola victim may have come into contact with after exhibiting symptoms.

The possible second case of Ebola in the United States has prompted renewed debate regarding air travel restrictions. The CDC claims that such a mandate would not erase the risks of an Ebola outbreak in America and could actually enhance chances of an Ebola pandemic developing around the world. According to CDC officials, if air travel is restricted, as President Obama has it within his power to do, under a public health and safety clause, medical aid to West Africa would be impacted and allow the virus to spread. Those who support the idea of stopping flights from West Africa and other regions where Ebola is present, contend that all commercial flights can be cancelled and sanctioned medical aid be allowed to continue – with a mandatory quarantine for all staffers prior to flying back to the United States.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more details about the Ebola breaking news story as additional information becomes available.

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