Carhenge Goes On Sale For $300,000

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bunch of cars that are piled on top of one another? How about if they were painted gray and made to look like the famous tourist spot stonehenge? That’s the idea behind Carhenge an artistic endeavor built in 1987 and which has now been placed on the chopping block for $300,000.

According to the Journal Star Carhenge was built by one artist in 1987 and every year the site draws nearly 80,000 visitors who can tour the site for free.

The land where the project is house is currently maintained by a nonprofit organization who says they have to sell the site “because we are somewhat limited in money.”

The nonprofits President says they are also selling because:

“We can’t develop the land as we should.”

The group had hoped to build an RV campground, convenience store and go-cart track around the exhibit, something they hope still happens if new owners take over the plot.


Speaking about the potential for the site a former president for the group says she’s unhappy with the sale which they don’t believe would be necessary if the nearby town of Alliance understood how to capitalize on the project.

According to the nonprofits former President:

“Basically, it’s in a small-town community that has never totally understood the gift horse they were given”

Do you think a new owner could actually figure out a way to capitalize on this unique piece of art?