June 16, 2013
'Governor' Rick Perry has climate change erased from reports

It seems that Governor Rick Perry, who is also running for the Republican President nomination, thinks that this whole climate change thing is a load of hogwash and has any reference to it removed from environmental studies by his high level officials.

Even before officials in the Perry administration got their black marks on the report scientists involved with the study had tried to sanitize the report enough to make to publication but to no avail. As a result the scientists involved with the report on the environmental impact of rising water levels on the low-lying coastal region around Galveston have removed all their names.

The report was intended to assist the Texas government deal with the serious problem of rising water levels on the whole Gulf Coast and was based on a peer-reviewed paper that appeared in Geological Society of America Special Papers publication in 2008.

Even with self-editing by the scientists involved, and the fact that the paper contained some information that even the climate change deniers would agree with, the study was deemed unacceptable by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

While the "war on science" throughout the nation might be debatable the fact that Governor Perry believes that anything to do with climate change is nothing but a big con and a hoax on the American people.

via Fast Company