Madrid To Kill Dog Of Woman With Ebola, ‘In Case’ The Pet Is Infected

Madrid officials plan to kill a dog that belonged to a woman who was diagnosed with Ebola — just in case the dog became infected with the deadly disease. According to Yahoo! News, there is knowledge that suggests that an animal (such as a dog) can contract the disease so the government doesn’t want to take any chances. It is unclear if there is any way to test the dog for the disease, but proper paperwork has already been obtained and the dog will be put down.

“The government said the dog, named Excalibur, would be euthanized in a way to avoid suffering and using bio-security measures that it did not specify. Its body will later be incinerated,” reports Yahoo! News.

Madrid will kill the dog that belonged to the woman despite the family’s plea to allow the pet to live. The woman, a Spanish nursing assistant, and her husband are currently in quarantine. The woman was the first confirmed case of transmitted Ebola outside of West Africa. Officials believe that she contracted the illness while she was caring for a priest who died from the disease in September.

According to ABC News, the woman was just diagnosed with Ebola on Monday after coming down with a fever. It’s unclear if anyone else who was working with her or in contact with her over the past few weeks has come down with symptoms.

“The nursing assistant in Madrid was part of a special team caring for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month after being evacuated from Sierra Leone. The nursing assistant wore a hazmat suit both times she entered his room, officials said, and no records point to any accidental exposure to the virus, which spreads through direct contact with the bodily fluids of a sickened person.”

According to The Inquisitr, the threat of Ebola has become very serious internationally. Many seem to believe that the virus will end up infecting millions of people over the next few years, thus fulfilling an “end of the world” prophecy.

“Some think the Ebola outbreak is the first bowl of judgment in the book of Revelation. Others say judgment is coming. Still others think the news of the virus is just fear and propaganda.”

As you can imagine, Madrid’s decision to kill the woman’s dog is not sitting well with animal rights activists or pet lovers.

[Photo courtesy of Luis García (Zaqarbal) via Wikimedia Commons]